Herbal remedies for hormonal harmony

Discover natural, holistic and effective ways to optimize your menstrual cycle, reproductive health & overall wellbeing

Clinical Consultations

Virtual appointments and in-person consultations (in Victoria, BC) with a Medical Herbalist

Courses & Workshops

Learn about menstrual & reproductive health, natural cycles and herbal medicine

Restorative Retreats

Gather with others with common experience for community & healing

About us

We are a herbal medicine clinic, dispensary and educational community.

Birch Avenue Botanicals offers holistic support & functional solutions to address the root causes of hormonal imbalances and help you heal and thrive with:

Celebrating women and lunar bodies*

At Birch Avenue Botanicals, we guide bodies with a menstrual cycle towards natural, effective solutions that address the root causes of health issues, and support you to reconnect to your body and the power of nature to discover vibrant, optimal health.

*We welcome and celebrate all kinds of bodies, including cis, trans and non-binary. We use the term “lunar body” to refer to bodies that have, or have had, a menstrual cycle, regardless of gender identity. 

Herbs for hormonal harmony

Ready to discover a new way forward? Let us be the lighthouse that guides you towards natural and effective solutions to help you feel your best. Our support system looks like:

Professional Therapist

1:1 consultation with a certified Medical Herbalist

Herbal Remedies

Customized herbal medicines, formulated and compounded especially for you

Lifestyle Medicine

Personalized dietary & lifestyle recommendations

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