Restorative Retreats

Coming 2023

Join a community of women with shared experience to learn more about your body, and how you can work with it to heal. 

Deep Healing

— the kind that includes digging into emotional patterns, implicit beliefs, cultural conditioning, and tension stored in the body (all factors that can be at play in gynaecological conditions) — is sometimes hard to do when the pressures of daily life are rapping at your door.

Birch Avenue Botanicals creates opportunities for women to unplug and detach from their environment to be able to engage in healing in a more profound way. 

Our restorative retreats gather women with common experience together.  Diagnoses like PCOS, endometriosis or a challenging perimenopause can often be accompanied by feelings of shame, guilt, inadequacy, fear or grief, which can all be debilitating, disruptive and isolating. 

We know that healing, like most things, doesn’t happen in isolation, but rather happens in community. Our Restorative Retreats embrace you with wraparound support from practitioners of different modalities (nutritionists, body workers, movement and mindfulness instructors, etc) as well as from other women who understand first-hand what you may be experiencing.  

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